BLACK FLAME “Torment And Glory” Cd

EAR002 EAR002-2

EAR002 – BLACK FLAME “Torment And Glory” Cd
GENRE: Black/Death Metal
RELEASE DATE: 28 October 2004
STATUS: Sold Out

A monumental album of black/death metal at its best! After some great demos and a cult 7″, BLACK FLAME is now ready to publish their debut album! A mixture of old-style black metal approach and death metal violence in a very personal way! Nine tracks of pure devilish art, an assault without compromises! A great songwriting for a modern and violent album, a perfect and surgical sound and an obscure artwork.

1.In nomine gloriae
2.Winds ov flagellation
3.Burn with me!
4.From ashes i’ll reborn
5.Orgiastic funeral
6.Wounded torment
8….The other face of hell
Bonus Track:
9.My world… my purgatory

“A very vicious beast that has infected me, transmitting an awesome disease into my head”

Babylon Magazine: 7,5/10
Benzoworld: 70/100
Black Metal.At: 6/10
Black Metal.It: 4,5/5
Black Metal Ist Krieg: 7/10
Black Metal OnLine: 9/10
Black Terror Metal: 3,5/5
Brutalism: No Rate
(If you like the old black metal style you will like this one)
Dark Recollections: No Rate
Elskrin: 7/10
Entrate Parallele: 6,5/10
Global Domination: 8,5/10
Hail: 8/10
Haternal: 7,5/10
Infernal Fields: No Rate
(You’ll not be disappointed at all)
Italian Black Metal: 4/5
Kronic: 3,5/5
Metal Empire: 3,5/5
Myrrthronth: 5,5/10
Tarterean Desire: 6,5/10
True Metal: 80/100


~ di MP su novembre 1, 2004.


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