GLORIOR BELLI “O Laudate Dominus” Cd

EAR004 EAR004-2

EAR004 – GLORIOR BELLI “Ô Laudate Dominvs” Cd
GENRE: Spiritual Black Metal
RELEASE DATE: 30 April 2005
STATUS: Sold Out

From France a new excellent black metal warmachine. “Ô laudate dominvs”, the GLORIOR BELLI debut album, is a brutal piece of satanic art, with a personal and strong identity. Thundering elaborated drums with violent patterns and extreme blastbeat, guitars as freezing razors creating morbid riffs, obscure and profound bass pulsing in hell and great blackish vocals to puke blood and blasphemies. Surely one of the highlight of this 2005! Brutal. Technical. Raw.

1.Dictum audiens
2.Ô laudate dominvs
3.Poisoned flesh
4.Celestial phenomena
5.In paradisum…
6.Eternal torments
7.Darkened shroud
8.Stigma diaboli

“This could be yearlist material and that is quite an achievement for a debut these days”

Black Metal Ist Kreg: 6/10
Black Terror Metal: 4/5
Dk666: 4/5
Elskrin: 8/10
Fobia Zine: 9/10
From The Cave: 9/10
Hail: 8/10
Haternal: 7,5/10
La Horde Noire: 7,5/10
Pura Malda: No Rate
(An album for all fans of true black metal!)
Taakefrost: 8/10
True Metal: 83/100
Vampire Magazine: No Rate
(This is fucking killer material!)


~ di MP su aprile 30, 2005.


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