LORN “Towards The Abyss Of Disease” Cd

EAR009 EAR009-2

EAR009 – LORN “Towards The Abyss Of Disease” Cd
GENRE: Cold Black Metal
RELEASE DATE: 03 February 2006
STATUS: Sold Out

The long awaited LORN debut album is finally available. 6 new majestic tracks of total cold black metal. Various and cold riffing, mid-tempos turning in violent fast blastbeat and distant screaming vokills. LORN shows in 40 minutes their supremacy, with a work able to leave the sign in the black metal movement. Expect nothing but a huge album filled by ancient feelings and uncommon abilities to create frozen hymns of death.

1.Towards the abyss of disease
2.Watching the landscapes of silent nothing…
3.Trolls. Hordes. Axes.
4.Through artery of ice
5.Hypnotic snowfall

“A real quality pieces of cold black metal. I can only advise to check out this masterpiece”

Black Metal.At: 8,5/10
Black Metal Ist Krieg: 7,5/10
Black Metal Online: 8/10
Black Terror Metal: 3,5/5 (Top Album)
Dark Mag: 4/5
Dk666: 4,5/5 (Revelation of The Month)
Earshot: 6,5/7
Elskrin: 7,5/10
Extreme Zine: No Rate
(A monument of ice. A debut album that capture the attention)
Italian Black Metal: No Rate
(A journey into the most absolute cold!)
Lunar Hypnosis: 7/10
Maelstrom: 8/10
Metal Empire: 4,5/5
Metal Inside: 7,5/10
Metal Wave: 85/100
Myrrthronth: 7,3/10
Rock Year: 8,5/10
Schwermetall: 6/13
Silent Noize: 8,5/10
Taakefrost: 8,5/10
The Element Order: 87/100
The Metal Observer: 7,5/10
The Worship: 8/10
True Metal: 80/100
Vampire Magazine: No Rate
(I can only advise to check out this masterpiece)
Void Expression: No Rate
(This is one of the best examples of a band combining their harsh and melodic moments)


~ di MP su febbraio 3, 2006.


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