New Signing: WOLOK


Project madness: WOLOK. Raw, primitive, nihilistic, bizarre, unique! The only words to explain the ideology of this project. WOLOK is a true underground black metal de-formed by two sick minds, LN from DEVILISH ERA (amongst the others) and LM from ZARACH BAAL THARAGH (amongst the others). After their acclaimed demo “Universal void”, it’s time to puke new blasphemies with the official debut album “Servum Pecus”. A mixture of early MAYHEM, MANES, BLUT AUS NORD and the old french Black Legions!
But this project have an own personality and an own style, because WOLOK deform the well known concept of black metal to translate it in a new morbid form. The album will come in a bizarre artwork and will be limited to few hundred copies. WOLOK is one of the few bands nowadays able to bring in life the pioneer spirit of first ’90 demo releases.


~ di MP su febbraio 21, 2006.


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