WOLOK “Servum Pecus” Cd

EAR010 EAR010-2

EAR010 – WOLOK “Servum Pecus” Cd
GENRE: Sick Black Metal
RELEASE DATE: 23 May 2006
STATUS: Sold Out

WOLOK is a true underground black metal horde de-formed by two sick minds. A mixture of early MAYHEM, MANES, BLUT AUS NORD and the old Black Legions, a sick black metal piece where the human hatred and discomfort meets perfectly industrial touches and heavy noise components, forged in long hymns of dissonance and eccentricity. But WOLOK manipulate and deform the well known concept of black metal to translate it in a new morbid form. An innovative and personal journey into the most nihilistic, hateful and blaspheme trip you can wish. The most insane spring of your life.

1.Mesmerize (Absurd introduction)
2.Memento finis
3.Apex of mockery
4.Phallus absconditus
5.Mankind euthanasia
7.Voice of god (Futile conclusion)

“A cult piece of art that could well become a notable reverence point for many artists”

Audiodrome: 4/5
Black Metal.At: 9,9/10
Black Metal Ist Krieg: 7,5/10
Black Terror Metal: 8/10 (Album of The Month)
Burning Black: No Rate
(Definitely a solid and intense release worthy of attention)
Chronicles Of Chaos: 6/10
Dark Mag: 5/5
Dk666: No Rate
(For who love to lose themselves in the mind’s labirinths of own mind)
Elskrin: 8/10
Guts Of Darkness: 5/6
Hateful Metal: No Rate
(A true pearl of dark, harsh and bizarre black metal)
La Horde Noire: 7/10
Metal Crypt: 4,25/5
Postchrist: 5/6
Shapeless Webzine: 8/10
Silent Noize: 8,5/10
Soleil Noir: No Rate
Taakefrost: No Rate
The Metal Observer: 7/10
Vampire Magazine: No Rate
(A cult piece of art that could well become a notable reverence point for many artists)
Voice From The Darkside: No Rate
(A great release and worth to be added to every collection)
Vs Webzine: 14/20


~ di MP su maggio 23, 2006.


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