VHERNEN “S.y.b.e.r.i.a” Mcd

EAR014 EAR014-2

EAR014 – VHERNEN “.S.y.b.e.r.i.a.” Mcd
GENRE: Funeral Black Metal
RELEASE DATE: 13 November 2006
STATUS: Sold Out

“.S.y.b.e.r.i.a.” is an incredible journey into the most depressive, original and hateful funeral black metal. A obscure sound full of mournful feelings, sinister ambiances and distant desperate whispered vocals. The electric cello and the orchestral harp offers to the music an fourth dimension, profound and emotional, a unique and personal approach to black metal concept. VHERNEN is the new face of black arts, the beginning of a new era to contemplate the end.

4.Funeral aurora

“Vhernen black metal pulse is simultaneously cavernous, steamy, oceanic and monolithic”

Black Metal.At: 7,5/10
Black Metal Ist Krieg: 7/10
Black Terror Metal: 4/5
Chronicles Of Chaos: 7,5/10
Dark Mag: 5/5
Debaser: 4/5
Dk666: 8/10 (Revelation of the Month)
Elskrin: 7,5/10
Hard Sound: 8/10
La Horde Noire: 7/10
Lords Of Winter: 6,5/10
Lunar Hypnosis: 9/10
Maelstrom: 9/10
Silent Noize: 9/10
Taakefrost: 7,5/10
The Element Order: 84/100
The Metal Observer: 9/10
True Metal: 87/100
Vampire Magazine: No Rate
(The result is astonishing!)


~ di MP su novembre 13, 2006.


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