GRIMFAUG “Defloration Of Life’s Essence” Cd

EAR013 EAR013-2

EAR013 – GRIMFAUG “Defloration Of Life’s Essence”
GENRE: Raw Black Metal
RELEASE DATE: 22 January 2007
STATUS: Sold Out

Finally the long awaited GRIMFAUG‘s second opus is now available for all maniacs! “Defloration of life’s essence” is a masterpiece of harsh black metal, a great improvement on their killer debut album. An evolved structure where there’s time for archaic and mysterious midtempos between hateful blastbeats, where impressive cold riffs design mournful ambiances with sulphureous “melodies”, where everything is supported by a superb songwriting that offer to whole album a misanthropic aura, primitive but majestic, as the monumental conclusive track “Apocalypse…” shows perfectly! A hellish sound, cold and evil riffs, thundering drums and evil distant vocals, this is “Defloration of life’s essence”.

1….as foretold (Holocaust)
2.Solar demise
3.Pest & plague
4.Despoiler of hope
5.Defloration of life’s essence
6.Damnatio ad bestia

“This is a 40 minute masterpiece of grim black metal. The future is Grimfaug”

Black Metal.At: 8/10
Black Metal Ist Krieg: 7/10
Black Terror Metal: 3,5/5 (Top Album)
Chronicles Of Chaos: 7/10
Dk666: 3,5/5
Elskrin: 7,5/10
Lunar Hypnosis: 9/10
Maelstrom: 8,5/10
Mortem Zine: No Rate
Silent Noize: 8,5/10
Taakefrost: 8/10
The Element Order: 76/100
The Metal Observer: 8/10
Vampire Magazine: No Rate
(This is controlled chaos at its best!)


~ di MP su gennaio 22, 2007.


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