Den Saakaldte

Proudly, we want to announce that the circle have a new a deal with a new norwegian project. The band is called DEN SAAKALDTE, formed by four legends in black metal moviment like Sykelig on vocals and guitars, that mostly of you will remember as Morpheas on NAER MATARON (and today also in reformed doomsters PARADIGMA), Vicotnik on bass (DODHEIMSGARD, VED BUENS ENDE, CODE), Hellhammer on drums  (MAYHEM, ARCTURUS, WINDS just to mention few..) and Jormundgand (DODHEIMSGARD) on keyboards.
DEN SAAKALDTE is sick and depressive black metal music, influenced by old norwegian acts like GORGOROTH, ULVER from the Vargnat era and BURZUM but inspired also from bands like THORNS and even MY DYING BRIDE.
The first piece called “Øl, mørke og depresjon” will include 6 new and exclusive tracks (include a cover of dutch black/thrashers OCCULT) for 32 minutes of old fashioned feelings and will be released the April, 5 in concomitance with the opening day of Inferno Festival 2007 and will be officially presented by Sykelig (that will pay the same day with PARADIGMA).
A sample track and the definitive tracklist will be posted soon.


~ di MP su febbraio 7, 2007.


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