Here’s the official statement directly from Sykelig:
“The bad news first… There has been a delay when it comes to the release of “Øl, mørke og depresjon”, due to the fact that Jan Axel (Hellhammer) had to finish recording the drum parts but as you all probably know, he was away with DIMMU BORGIR for the tour. Unfortunately… these drum part recordings will never happen. Last night i have talked to Jan Axel and there is a really serious situation going on… that i really wish wasn’t true not for the sake of DEN SAAKALDTE but for Jan’s health and only. Jan Axel while playing at Gods of Metal Festival in Italy with DIMMU BORGIR had a serious pain in his right arm… and then all collapsed. His right arm is in a seriously painfull condition and right now he is on the process of seeing nerve expert doctors, taking x-rays etc. He cannot play drums which has as an effect, DIMMU BORGIR to play from now on with Tonny Laureano as a drummer, MAYHEM to cancel their near future gigs and also DEN SAAKALDTE to get a new drummer. I wish you Jan a quick recovery! You are an excellent drummer and friend and you will always have me by your side whenever it is needed.
The good news… DEN SAAKALDTE not only managed to find a new drummer really soon but that drummer will be a full time member, meaning a basic member. His name: S. Winter! For all of you not knowing who he is, Mr. S. Winter is a former drummer of GEHENNA and also a member of the band AETERNUS. He is a fucking excellent drummer and a good friend. Mr. S. Winter…Welcome to misery!!! So… the recordings will start again soon… and you’ll hear from us soon!”


~ di MP su giugno 15, 2007.


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