NORDHEIM “Nordheim” Cdr

EAR012 EAR012-2

EAR012 – NORDHEIM “Nordheim” Cdr
LIMITATION: 300 handnumbered
GENRE: Misanthropic Black Metal
RELEASE DATE: 16 July 2007
STATUS: Sold Out

NORDHEIM is the solo-project of Radok, mastermind and guitarist of mighty LORN. A project that can be considered his misanthropic side. NORDHEIM is a morbid piece of nordic black metal, where the cold atmospheres of LORN meets the misanthropic and depressive black metal conceived in a more “BURZUM-ish” dimension, grim but ethereal. Atmospheric and hypnotic, profound and violent, “Nordheim” is another jewel created by this talented artist!

1.Spina de mùl
2.Ey de nét

“Beyond every description!”

Black Metal.At: 9/10
Silent Noize: 9/10
Taakefrost: 9/10


~ di MP su luglio 16, 2007.


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