VHERNEN “Vhernen” Cd

EAR018-2 EAR018

EAR018 – VHERNEN “Vhernen” A5/Cd
GENRE: Funeral Black Metal
RELEASE DATE: 29 December 2007
STATUS: Sold Out/Available
SAMPLE: Efterår

Acclaimed as one of the brighter new comers of 2007, VHERNEN is back with the first highly anticipated album. “Vhernen” include 6 new tracks for more than 55 minutes of funeral black metal, following the roots of the previous work but improving the style and the sound towards something more personal and intimist, more atmospheric with a mature songwriting that in this opus has put in prominence a massive use of his classic electric cello and orchestral harp, to create austere and mystic ambiances. A noble and eclectic piece of extreme art, a concept album based upon the deadly passage from Autumn to Winter. No need to say that one more time VHERNEN will enchant who is looking for a personal concept of black metal and for a music that live in a proper dimension.

2.In solstice

“One of the most exquisite debut albums the black metal subgenre has spawned. Ever”

Black Terror Metal: 4/5 (Album Of The Month)
Cjlo: No Rate
(The surprise is a pleasant one)
Elskrin: 8,5/10
Elysion: No Rate
La Horde Noire: 7/10
Metal District: 8/10
Maelstrom: 9,5/10
Magic Fire Music: 16/20
Metal Nightfall: 4/5
Schwermetall: 11/13 (Top Album)
The Metal Observer: 8,5/10
Vampire Magazine: No Rate
(One of the most exquisite debut albums the BM subgenre has spawned. Ever)


~ di MP su dicembre 29, 2007.


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