Depressive maniacs out there, we want to announce officially, the most important underground depressive black metal release in this 2008. I really haven’t enough words to comment the work that both AUSTERE and LYRINX have done with these new tracks, i sincerely just can say you that this is the best suicidal material out in years, and probably for some years to come. Simply the highest calibre dark, emotional and hopeless music. A different perspective but the same negative mission, two different sounds as styles, more trance-inducing the AUSTERE side, and more progressive the LYRINX one. The definitive title will be “Only the wind remembers/Ending the circle of life”, will come with a double cover artwork and will be available simultaneously in A5 super jewel box & regular Cd case. The die-hard edition will be available for a limited time ONLY through NEW SUN ORDER.
Here below you can taste the cover artwork of the regular edition.



~ di MP su marzo 19, 2008.


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