DEN SAAKALDTE “Ol, Morke Og Depresjon” Cd

EAR016 EAR016-2

EAR016 – DEN SAAKALDTE “Øl, Mørke Og Depresjon” Cd
GENRE: Norwegian Black Metal
RELEASE DATE: 14 April 2008
STATUS: Sold Out

DEN SAAKALDTE is a new norwegian project that include Kvarforth (SHINING, DIABOLICUM) on vocals, Sykelig (ex-NAER MATARON, PARADIGMA) on guitars, Seidemann (1349, PANTHEON I) on bass guitar, S. Winter (GEHENNA, AETERNUS) on drums and Jormundgand (DODHEIMSGARD) on keyboards/effects. The first DEN SAAKALDTE release “Øl, mørke og depresjon” is a killer piece of sick and depressive black metal music, where there’s space for aggression and brutality but also for dark atmospheres and ancient feelings. Mainly inspired by old GORGOROTH, ULVER from Vargnat era, BURZUM but also with influences from THORNS, ARCTURUS and even MY DYING BRIDE. Old fashioned tunes, with a modern avanguardist touch!

1.Gjenspeilingen av knuste minner
2.Drikke ens skål
5.Jag ar den fallna
6.Den sorgløse latterens sang

“Den Saakaldte surely know how to bring darkness into music”

Archaic Magazine: No Rate
(Den Saakaldte surely know how to bring darkness into music)
Black Dawn: 8/10
Black Metal Ist Krieg: 7/10
Covenant Zine: No Rate
Darkside Ezine: 6/10
Greyday: 4,5/6
Heldvete: No Rate
In Silence And Solitude: 7,5/10
Metal Act: 8,5/10
Metal District: 8/10
Metal Zone: 95/100
Mortem Zine: No Rate
Nekrodeath: No Rate
(Get on your knees and pledge your self to Den Saakaldte!)
Norsksvartmetall: No Rate
(A quite unique sounding album)
Somniorum Webzine: 8,5/100
True Metal: 78/100


~ di MP su aprile 14, 2008.


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