COMMON GRAVE “Il Male Di Vivere” Cd

EAR017 EAR017-2

EAR017 – COMMON GRAVE “Il Male Di Vivere” Cd
LIMITATION: Undisclosed
GENRE: Dark Black Metal
RELEASE DATE: 15 May 2008
SAMPLE: Medley

The COMMON GRAVE debut album, “Il male di vivere”, is an ambitious and profound concept album about the “spleen”, the suffering of everyday life. It’s possible to consider a long suite of 65 minute, divided in 8 long chapters, where all tracks are linked together (this means no silence between each tracks) and where there’s a perfect equilibrium between dark black metal, avantgarde touches and acoustic passages. An imaginary journey between early SHINING, FORGOTTEN TOMB and even DRUDKH. A complex album that unveils itself listening after listening, offering many moments of rare beauty. Everything supported by an excellent performance of these skilled musicians and a professional sound. If you are looking for evolved depressive/dark black metal, COMMON GRAVE can become your therapy to get your daily dose of sorrow.

1.Il male di vivere
3.No turning back
4.In silence they fade
5.Falling from the sky
6.Union of sorrows
7.For a dead person
8.The end of all things

“Common Grave have formulated something of a minor masterpiece here”

Black Metal Ist Krieg: 7/10
Black Terror Metal: 3/5
Chaos Vault: 4/6
Covenant Zine: No Rate
Hateful Metal: 7/10
In Silence And Solitude: 6,5/10
Legacy: 11/15
Maelstrom: 6,5/10
Metal.De: 8/10
Metal1Info: 9/10
Metal Crypt: 4,5/5
Metal District: 9/10 (Top Album)
Metal Storm: 7,7/10
Metal Zone: 90/100
Metallized: 6,5/10
Minacious Webzine: No Rate
(Really fucking great. Impressive debut)
Mortem Zine: 7,5/10
Myrrthronth: 8/10
Schwarze: 8/10
Somniorum Webzine: 8,5/10
Taakefrost: 9,5/10
The Metal Observer: 9/10
True Metal: 62/100
Zwaremetalen: 83/100


~ di MP su maggio 15, 2008.


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