EAR020-2 EAR020

EAR020 – AUSTERE/LYRINX “Only The Wind Remembers/Ending The Circle Of Life” A5/Cd
LIMITATION: 100/Undisclosed
GENRE: Depressive Black Metal
RELEASE DATE: 23 June 2008
STATUS: Sold Out

Brand new and exclusive tracks for both bands. Four long tracks for a total lenght of 60 minutes! Probably this record represent the best suicidal black metal piece of last years. An instant classic for all the real death worshippers or simply for who is looking for a concrete help to take the final decision. AUSTERE performs slow and bleak depressive black metal, with intense riffing and sorrowful vocals. LYRINX performs a trance-inducing dark black metal with a psychedelic touch. A manifesto of sadness and self-destruction. Nothing more.

1.Towards the great unknown
2.Only the wind remembers
3.No failure in suicide

“A formidable strike of musically documented weariness of life”

Black Dawn: 6/10
Black Hypnosis: 8/10
Black Metal Own You: No Rate
(Amazing split album between these two great artists)
Black Terror Metal: 3,5/5 (Top Album)
Bloodchamber: No Rate
Chaos Vault: 4/6
Covenant Zine: No Rate
Elysion: No Rate
Hateful Metal: 7,5/10
Laermbelaestigung: No Rate
Metal Crypt: No Rate
(Definitely a great bleak and grim offering!)
Metal District: 9/10 (Top Album)
Metal Eagle: 7,5/10
Metal Storm: No Rate
Metal Storm: 8,8/10
Minacious Webzine: No Rate
(This is a really good split with two bands that are at the top of their genre)
Mortem Zine: No Rate
Taakefrost: 8/10
The Metal Observer: 8/10
Zwaremetalen: No Rate


~ di MP su giugno 23, 2008.


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