WANING “Population Control” Cd

EAR019 EAR019-2

EAR019 – WANING “Population Control” Cd
LIMITATION: Undisclosed
GENRE: Swedish Black Metal
RELEASE DATE: 23 December 2008
STATUS: Available
SAMPLE: Shades of grey

“Population control” is a sumptuous mix of emotions and brutality, atmospheres and controlled chaos, modernity linked to the classic. Tons of guitar layers to create a real wall of sound, a thundering rhythmic section and impressive evil vocals. The WANING is a personal way to intend extreme music… martial and depressive, avantguardist and visionary black metal, with slight indus and post-rock vibes. Everything supported by a powerful production and a superb studio performance. A new wave of fresh and inspired black metal.

2.Shades of grey
3.Left to hate
5.Crowning apathy
6.Further down the strain
7.Population control

“This is one of the strongest albums released in 2008, for sure”

Black Belle Music: No Rate
(In a word: stunnig!)
Black Terror Metal: 3,5/5 (Top Album)
Chaos Vault: 5,5/6
Covenant Zine: No Rate
From The Dust Returned: 8/10
Hateful Metal: 7,5/10
Invisible Oranges: No Rate
(This is exactly what black metal needs)
In Silence And Solitude: 7,5/10
Metal.De: 7/10
Metal Crypt: 3,75/5
Metal District: 9/10
Metal Eagle: 7/10
Metal Storm: 7,7/10
Minacious Webzine: No Rate
(This is an excellent debut from a really great band)
Mortem Zine: 9/10
Myrrthronth: 9/10
Razort: No Rate
(Just a word to reassume this first opus: surprising!)
Somniorum Webzine: 7,5/10
Subterra: 8,5/10
Sydsvenskan: 3/5
Taakefrost: 9/10
The Metal Observer: 8/10
Twist Magazine: 8/10
Zwaremetalen: 92/100


~ di MP su dicembre 23, 2008.

Una Risposta to “WANING “Population Control” Cd”

  1. http://www.spirit-of-metal.com/album-groupe-Waning-nom_album-Population_Control-l-fr.html

    19/20 !


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