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VHERNEN is currently working on new material for the second album! The process will take still some time, but our future plans for early 2009 months includes the re-release of their classic “.S.y.b.e.r.i.a.” ep and the highly requested “Sepulchral sorrow” finally on Cd version! More details will follow in coming weeks.
-With “The march of the drones” scheduled for release around March 2009, OBITUS is now starting to prepare for the third full-lenght album.
-The ENMERKAR Mcd will be released in coming weeks! In the meantime Morchiant is composing new songs for the debut full length album, that will available sometimes in the 2009.
-The long awaited NIBDEM album is still currently under the recording process, this time with a full line-up, that include Nimroth, for years member of CIRITH GORGOR and Herr Aids from SAURON & PLANET AIDS on vocals! There’s still not a precise release date, but this masterpiece of melancholy will see the light sometimes in the 2009!
-The fourth BEASTCRAFT studio album will be titled “The infernal gospel of primitive devilworship”! No other infos can be currently done.
VACUUM debut full lenght album seems to be almost finished. Prepare yourself for something special. Expect the release during next autumn. Infos will be done once released, no additional anticipations will follow.
-We are preparing something special to celebrate the 5 years of activity of EERIE ART during next spring. the project will be announced in coming months.


~ di MP su dicembre 31, 2008.


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