OBITUS “The March Of The Drones” Cd

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EAR024 – OBITUS “The March Of The Drones” Cd
LIMITATION: Undisclosed
GENRE: Apocalyptic Black Metal
RELEASE DATE: 29 May 2009
STATUS: Available
SAMPLE: Inconsequential

Hate! This is the only way to describe “The march of the drones”! Brutal, destructive, abrasive black metal with razor-sharp guitars and hysterical drumming that sometimes leaves the space to some mid-paced post apocalyptic and martial passages. A release that defies all preconceived concepts of any normal album: 45 minutes of uninterrupted music all recorded as one seamless arrangement. The style can be described like a mix of WANING for the melodic side, NIDEN DIV. 187 for the non-stop assault, and some ANAAL NATHRAKH for the apocalyptic feeling! A concept album that can be summarized as a multi-pronged attack against the non thinkers (like the drones they are) of the world, a relentless attack on heard mentality of the intellectually lazy, enriched by a deluxe 28 pages booklet that includes all lyrics! Mastered by legendary Peter In De Betou (ENSLAVED, KATATONIA…).

Part I: Summer
1.Sacrificial abolishment
2.Now we’re nothing
3.The march of the drones
Part II: Fall
Part III: Winter
6.The endless void
7.The drones marches on

“There’s a very personal, unique sound!”

Chaos Vault: 8/10
Hateful Metal: 7/10
Hell Furnace: No Rate
(Hard, dense and aggressive)
Lords Of Metal: 83/100
Metal Crypt: 4,5/5
Metal.De: 9/10 (Top Album)
Metal District: 8/10
Metal Review: 86/100 (Surprise Of The Month)
Metal Storm: 5,9/10
Minacious Webzine: No Rate
(The riffs are top notch… intricate riffs, played with oppression and force)
Mortem Zine: 7/10
Myrrthronth: 9/10
The Metal Observer – I: 8,5/10
The Metal Observer – II: 8,5/10
We March In Line: No Rate
(There’s a very personal, unique sound!)
Zwaremetalen: 85/100


~ di MP su maggio 29, 2009.


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