VHERNEN “The Funeral Era” Cd

Front Cover EAR021-2

EAR021 – VHERNEN “The Funeral Era” Cd
LIMITATION: Undisclosed
GENRE: Funeral Black Metal
RELEASE DATE: 29 May 2009
STATUS: Available
SAMPLE: Requiem

Here’s a monolitic release for all VHERNEN fans, a precious collection of two “old” records.
“Sepulchral sorrows”, that is the unique testimoniance of the pre-“S.y.b.e.r.i.a.” era; An underground cult piece of extreme funeral doom, with a black metal riffing atmosphere! Something deep and sorrowful, in vein of acts like NORTT and DEINONYCHUS but with the personal sound (including his classic cello) that represent the VHERNEN trademark.
“S.y.b.e.r.i.a.”, the first classic Ep, finally available again after two years! A real masterpiece of funeral black metal, highly praised by media and audiance worldwide. A obscure sound full of mournful feelings, sinister ambiances and distant desperate whispered vocals.

Sepulchral Sorrows:
3.No forgiveness
5.In equinox
6.Sepulchral sorrow
10.Funeral aurora

“This recording add another dimension of desolation and negativity to the music”

Chaos Vault: 5,5/6
Hateful Metal: 8/10
Lords Of Metal: 60/100
Metal District: 8/10
Metal Storm: 7/10
Minacious Webzine: No Rate
(Another dimension of desolation and negativity to the music)
Zwaremetalen: No Rate


~ di MP su maggio 29, 2009.


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