SELF INFLICTED VIOLENCE “A Perception Of Matter And Energy” Digi/Cd


EAR023 – SELF INFLICTED VIOLENCE “A Perception Of Matter And Energy” Digi/Cd
LIMITATION: 100/Undisclosed
GENRE: Depressive Black Metal
RELEASE DATE: 23 November 2009
STATUS: Available
SAMPLE: Eugenics

SELF INFLICTED VIOLENCE, coming from Uk, performs an high calibre negative black metal with cosmic and progressive touches. After some self-produced demos, the first official release is the debut album entitled “A perception of matter and energy”, an introspective journey between melancholy, emotion and consciousness. Where music and atmosphere reach a perfect sublimation. The versatility of songwriting, that is NOT limited to mere black metal spreading his dying tentacles to dark & ambient music, progressive and psychedelia, the studio performance, that show technical skills on every single instrument, and the powerful and balanced sound, permit to this bunch of songs to represent the highest expression of this music genre & life style.

2.Artificial phenomenon
4.A mental cancer II
5.Confort in insomnia

“Bleak yet splendid, melancholy and vivid, it is far more than a metal album”

Chaos Vault: 7,75/10
Covenant Zine: No Rate
Lords Of Metal: 68/100
Metal.De: 8/10 (Top Album)
Metal District: 9,5/10
Minacious Webzine: No Rate
(“A natural flow that helps create a truly dark and melancholic atmosphere”)
The Metal Observer: 9/10
Zwaremetalen: 87/100


~ di MP su novembre 23, 2009.


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