New Release: ELIMI

Our feeling with Sweden is something special, so it’s not a surprise that our next conspirancy will be with a swedish band, called ELIMI. After a couple of years from their debut album “Summoned from ashes”, appreciated for their varied and sincere sound, they’re back with a new piece of northern black metal, destined to sweep away their precedessor. The formula is classic without being obsolete, thanks to a songwriting stronger than ever that created clear but complex song structures, ranging from different facets and moods of swedish black metal: melancholic, groovy, brutal, atmospheric; but also different styles because aside the primary black metal influence there are prog, psychedelic, thrashy interferences. “Asylum” could be called the album of thousand riffs, so is the infinite serie of guitars work and lead bass that makes it live and creative from the beginnig till the majestic final episode.
“Asylum” is a concept album with a psychological story and contains one long track of 47 minutes, parted in 6 chapters.
Here’s your can taste the cover artwork preview.


~ di MP su febbraio 11, 2010.


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